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Tassiriki area

Tassiriki , Port Vila Vanuatu
Vt39,000,000 / For Sale (vt)
Jude Leske
  • Sale
  • Rooms 50m beach frontage
  • Bathrooms 6
  • Bedrooms 4
  • Parking 2

Amazing – Havannah Harbour

Krystal Waters Drive, Havannah Harbour
Vt113,000,000 / For Sale AUD$1,450,000
Jude Leske

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Vanuatu Real Estate

Many people live under the false pretense that buying Vanuatu real estate in this breathtaking paradise is a luxury only for the wealthy. This is simply not the case. Thanks to the great value that Vanuatu real estate offers, Paradise is no longer reserved for the rich and upper class, but it is now an attainable dream for many hard-working and highly deserving people. Vanuatu houses and property are waiting, and the market is right for reaching out and grabbing what you?ve always dreamed of owning: an tropical island home.

Vanuatu Houses for Sale

There?s a reason Vanuatu real estate is growing each year in popularity by those interested in investing in island real estate. This archipelago consisting of 83 gorgeous islands is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, blue waters, impressive volcanoes and a people with a rich and beautiful culture. The weather is tropical and the biodiversity is simply incredible. Those looking for homes for sale in Vanuatu find there are few drawbacks and many, many benefits.

Vanuatu Property for Sale

One of the reasons property and real estate investors are looking more at the opportunities in Vanuatu is due to the extremely fast tourism growth the country has experienced in recent years. There?s no doubt that the natural beauty of the islands is a major draw to visitors, but the people have also charmed tourists with their fascinating culture, traditions and history, which they love to share. Looking at the tourism numbers and the projections for future years, one can make confident predictions that investing in Vanuatu real estate, including land for sale to build on, is a secure and wise investment.

Vanuatu Homes for Sale

For the investor looking into Vanuatu real estate, the growth in market value, especially along the coasts, is encouraging. Some regions of the country have experiences a 5-10% annual growth rate in the market value. Experts feel confident that trend will continue, so procuring your piece Vanuatu real estate now is wise.

Vanuatu Land for Sale

While some will purchase homes for sale to use for themselves, many Vanuatu real estate investors will buy houses or land to rent out, either to full-time tenants or to people coming to the country for holidays. Either way, there is good money to be made by renting out homes in Vanuatu. For those who plan to stay in the country, the only stipulation is that the amount paid for the property is in excess of $60,000.

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